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About ICCR


ICCR’s mission is to work alongside rural communities to improve their collaborative, systemic response to domestic violence.

The Institute was created as a program of the Conference on Crimes Against Women in 2018. CCAW provides a national platform to disseminate the highest level of training, information, and strategies to professionals who are responders and advocates to victims of the many and varied forms of crimes against women.

What We Do

Saturate the nation with effective criminal justice system responses to domestic violence.

The Institute works with rural counties nationwide to identify what is needed in each community to create a sustainable Coordinated Community Response (CCR) to domestic violence.

At no cost to the communities, ICCR works with law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and advocates in up to four rural counties each year to review local domestic violence cases, listen to survivors’ experiences, learn from experts, and collaboratively implement changes to begin building the scaffolding of a sustainable CCR. This intensive support empowers the community to develop a unique, flexible CCR model that serves domestic violence survivors long after their year with the Institute.

Ensure every community across the United States, no matter how small, receives the training they need to provide justice for victims and hold offenders accountable.

Together with the larger Conference on Crimes Against Women (CCAW) team, the Institute partners with the nation’s leading experts to provide virtual, year-round training on domestic violence dynamics and collaborative solutions that center the unique needs of rural communities. Through free monthly webinars and on-demand trainings and a low-cost annual virtual conference, ICCR is able to reach under-resourced, under-funded practitioners who otherwise would have little to no access to CCAW’s cutting-edge training.

Upcoming Trainings


National expertise

ICCR is supported by the expertise and thought leadership of the Conference on Crimes Against Women and Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, along with expansive national and statewide partnerships.

Actionable training

Trainings focused on domestic violence dynamics and collaborative leadership skills provide specific, practical tools that can be immediately implemented in participants’ communities.

Personalized Support

There is no “one size fits all” approach to CCR work. ICCR gives communities the tools to take a deep dive into their own unique systems and develop a customized CCR that works best for them.

What Participants Are Saying