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The Institute for Coordinated Community Response and RESPOND Against Violence have partnered to produce Texas’ first Strangulation Investigations Roll Call Training.

Divided into six short video segments, complete with discussion and resource guides, this training prepares law enforcement to recognize and effectively document evidence of strangulation, leading to more successful felony prosecutions and increasing safety for entire communities.

The use of strangulation as a form of domestic violence is an undeniable red flag for future violence and homicide—not only for the victim, but our communities as a whole. Perpetrators who strangle pose the highest threat to the lives of law enforcement officers, and the correlation between mass shooters and a history of strangulation has been well-documented. Although strangulation is a felony in Texas, this heinous crime is too often overlooked due to elusive evidence and the already complicated dynamics of domestic violence crimes. It is imperative that our criminal justice system has the training and tools to hold society’s most dangerous offenders accountable.