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Centering Rural Needs in the Fight to End Domestic Violence

By AJ GreerSeptember 9, 2021No Comments

The Institute for Coordinated Community Response (ICCR) is hosting its inaugural national, virtual conference, Collaborative Responses to Domestic Violence in Rural Communities, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month this year, Oct. 4-5, 2021.

ICCR is a program of the Conference on Crimes Against Women that works with rural communities to create and sustain a Coordinated Community Response (CCR) – a collaborative, community-wide approach that helps law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, and other key stakeholders work together to address domestic violence.

CCRs can be particularly effective in small communities, where close-knit relationships and highly engaged community members provide an ideal jumping off point for collaborative efforts. However, with limited resources that must stretch further than their urban counterparts’, it can often be a struggle to implement and sustain this approach.

To address these training and resource discrepancies, ICCR’s virtual conference specifically centers the needs of rural practitioners as they seek to improve collaboration, enact CCR models, and close gaps in their current criminal justice system approach in order to increase justice for victims and accountability for offenders. This affordable, easily accessible conference pairs ICCR’s expertise with CCAW’s nationwide reach to provide ideas and tools to foster the collaborative relationships needed for effective rural CCRs, including showcasing creative solutions being implemented in small towns across the United States.

From “How to Build & Sustain Collaborative Relationships,” to “High Risk Teams in Rural Settings,” to “Building a Tribal CCR,” this conference offers something for everyone. Join fellow rural practitioners to learn from each other and national experts on Oct. 4-5, 2021 as we grow together and work towards a future where every community in the United States, large and small, is equally equipped to respond to the epidemic of domestic violence.

To view full conference details, including agenda and speaker details, visit

Questions? Reach out to Brooke Meyer, Institute Director, at or 214-389-7736.